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Classic Games Quiz

Check out, how good do you know old classic games!

WARNING! This is a BETA version of game! There still may be some bugs, so if you find something wrong, please email me at: gad (at] gad [dot) art {dot) pl

Instructions on how to play are below.

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 playerscoremistakestotal timedate
1.banshee241411:012015-01-09 16:31:31
2.Dis2333:082015-01-05 10:42:25
3.Pills2265:042014-12-23 00:35:43
4.banshee2267:352015-01-04 20:37:34
5.ghill4622716:232019-01-20 21:50:45
6.Dis2142:222015-01-05 10:39:49
7.gedzior842174:502015-01-04 23:16:20
8.Dis21105:292015-01-05 10:12:20
9.darkdante822157:532015-01-06 19:07:50
10.larek2088:402015-01-09 00:26:39
11.xxx1964:032015-01-03 18:15:55
12.Robson1967:092014-12-24 13:31:45
13.zzbylu1883:112014-12-21 21:34:35
14.dizzyx1874:322019-11-11 00:05:53
15.terefere18134:332015-05-31 14:12:06
16.darkdante821885:092015-01-06 18:54:39
17.ghill46181019:152017-01-30 06:24:19
18.terefere17124:172015-06-30 00:06:24
19.dizzyx16101:182019-11-09 22:42:10
20.dizzyx16101:382019-11-09 22:40:25

How to play:

Your objective is to guess the title of game. The game may be shown in several ways:

You can make a mistake only a few times. If you don't know the title, you may skip a riddle (loosing one chance). There is limited time for a game. There are more riddles than you see in one game, so you may try many times and have different riddles. Main rules in typing the title are:

Remember, it's only a game :). Don't try to cheat, because there is no big prize at the end of game ;). Have fun!

Classic Games Quiz (version 0.9 2014-12-21) made by Gad Zombie.

BIG thanks for testing and comments goes to: Artur MaciÄ…g, Gerard, Jester Raiin, Kloqus, Neevor, Robson and Uzii. If you have any comments or bug reports, feel free to write to me at gad (at] gad [dot) art {dot) pl.

Classic Games Quiz is a part of Classic Games Maniac website
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